The land of Gran Canaria, of volcanic origin, has many properties which, combined with the various microclimates, make agricultural and zootechnical production rich. Microclimate also permits the development of a unique flora and a variety of endemic plants (more than 500 species unique to the Canary Islands). For example, the honey produced in Gran Canaria (from black bee, Canary local breed) is unique in the world.


Gran Canaria is characterized by a strong dairy tradition that is reflected in the production of cheeses. The most important feature is the use of raw milk of 3 common species (goat, cow and sheep) and vegetable rennet. This makes possible the production of raw milk cheese with a deadline of less than 60 days, which provides a variety of smells and flavors that can not be found in other industrial productions.


On an economic level, tomato is the most important crop in Gran Canaria; The Canary tomato is red, smooth, medium in size and slightly sour.

The platano Canario. The main variety of Canary bananas is called “Small Dwarf”; Its fruit is yellow, with spots on the skin, with good organoleptic characteristics and smaller than South American bananas.

Potato is the most present tuber in crops and is used in one of the most popular and known “Papas arrugadas” dishes.

The Orange of Gran Canaria is produced almost in all the communes of the island; The most cultivated varieties are the Navel group.

At the bottom of the Sotavento canyon, tropical fruits such as mango, avocado, papaya, pineapple and carambot are cultivated. Fresh fruits such as apples, pears, persimmons, apricots, plums, guava, persimmons and peaches are characterized by their exceptional quality.

The Coffee of Agaete can boast of being the only coffee grown in a European country with a tradition dating from the first century XIX and is a rare and ancient variety in the world.


Agaete Coffee gourmet
Valleseco Apples (in October the “Manzana Feast” is held)
Santa Maria de Guja Cheese
Galdar Onion
Aguimes The best olives
Mogan The best tuna
San Mateo 500 flavors market
Arucas The most famous of the Canaries (you can visit the factory)
Telde Oranges
La Aldea de San Nicolas Tomatoes
Artenara Vegetable soup
Moya Cookies from Moya